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    Heartland Hemp Company was founded on the idea of progression and innovation by leading industry professionals who have been farming for generations. Our team recognized the need for diversity in a sustainable crop in a region where traditional farming and the local economy have been declining for decades. “We feel industrial hemp can be the solution because it can be grown on the same farms that have been growing traditional crops.”    


    One of the biggest challenges today in the hemp industry is the risk involved in purchasing industrial hemp seed. “Many farmers have reported issues with receiving quality and reliable seed by their distributors. We want to eliminate that apprehension, and to provide buyers with superior and reliable industrial hemp seed for any region.”   


    Our team is 110% dedicated to making our new customers lifelong buyers through our hard work and integrity. We wish to build an ongoing relationship that will progress all parties in this exploding industry. Our success relies on our buyer’s success, and we are always available to discuss personalized and individual goals. 

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